Mary Ann Gibson image

Mary Ann Gibson

Commisioner of Sanitation

Mary Ann Gibson has been on the council for 12 years she is the Commissioner of Sanitation. Gibson, is from Hamlet, NC. She loves to cook and read. She's been in Dobbins Heights since 1975 and was crown "Ms. Dobbins Heights" in 1979. Gibson, is also apart of the Ladies and Men Auxiliary and she was the firewoman of Dobbins Heights fire department when it was active.

Angeline Kendall David image

Angeline Kendall David

Comissioner of Parks & Recreation

Angeline was born and raised in Ellerbe, NC and moved to the town of Dobbins Heights 42 years ago. In 2006, Angeline began serving on Dobbins Heights town council. Quote to remember: “if you want it you can achieve it.”

Revonna Magee image

Revonna Magee

Commisioner of Streets

Revonna was born and raised in Hamlet, NC. She taught in Richmond County public schools for 15 years, and worked with the department of corrections for 9 years, before retiring in 2018. Along with being Commissioner of Streets, Revonna is also a substitute teacher.

Sanitation Services

Sanitation Services provides the Town of Dobbins Heights with regular Tuesday/Thursday trash pick ups. Holiday service occurs on the following business day. Community residents with bulk trash pickup requests can contact the town hall to schedule pick up.

Parks & Recreation

Dobbins Heights Parks and Recreations manages four publics spaces that the community utilizes for exercise, play, and other community-centered actvities. The two communities center and public park are open year-round. The community pool is open May to Septemeber. The park is open daily from 8am to dusk. The community center is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm.

Streets & Maintenance

Dobbins Heights street maintenance manages street infrastructure maintenance and traffic engineering services with the goals of enhancing and sustainings the community’s transportation network and public spaces. Other responsibilities include maintaining the City’s fleet and facilities.